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Patients connect with Healthcare Professionals through StarHub LifeHub+ with Alexandra Hospital and ConnectedLife with Fitbit

LifeHub+ (Starhub Photo)

LifeHub+ (Starhub Photo)

StarHub has partnered Alexandra Hospital (AH) and ConnectedLife with Fitbit to launch LifeHub+, a digital health service that allows a patient’s care team to monitor their wellness activities and certain metrics. Access can also be given to a pre-programmed care team including a family doctor or General Practitioner (GP), a health coach from Alexandra Hospital, caregivers and even doctors from other healthcare institutions via a dedicated secure LifeHub+ dashboard.

ConnectedLife is an international digital health service provider, with the service deployed within the National Health System (NHS) in the United Kingdom, PT Bio Farma (Persero) in Indonesia as well as Manipal Hospitals in India.

This initiative improves management of patients’ health and lifestyles with timely interventions through a personalised health plan, especially in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. 

Health and wellness data in the LifeHub+ app include Fitbit metrics which users can choose to share, such as steps, exercise, sleep patterns, heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and more.

Steve Morley, Director Fitbit Health Solutions International and APAC said, “We continue to collaborate with ConnectedLife to facilitate engagement with strategic partners like StarHub and AH to support solutions that play a key role in building the digital health ecosystem in Singapore. This programme allows users to manage access to their health and wellness insights digitally and share with preferred GPs, clinics and the hospital, if they choose to do so. Leveraging Fitbit enables a better and more connected digital health experience.”

The app can be programmed to encourage users to improve their health such as reminders to move. It can be used to remind users of medication, exercise, or scheduling medical check-ups.

Dr Alexander Yip, a gastroenterologist and integrated care consultant who is the Clinical Director of AH’s Healthcare Redesign to seal this partnership with StarHub said, “AH is a designated sandbox for new digital health and technology innovations. We are constantly looking to implement new technology-enabled care models to provide better care to all our patients in the hospital and community. This new digital health initiative leverages wearables to provide a rich source of information on the lifestyle of our patients, which helps our doctors and health coaches in AH improve patients’ health holistically through timely lifestyle interventions.

AH is onboarding its own metabolic clinic patients to help prevent simple diseases from deteriorating into complex chronic diseases. Health coaches from AH will offer digital health interventions through the LifeHub+ app by providing personal health plans with lifestyle and dietary modifications.

LifeHub+ is a free scalable cloud service for doctors. Patients subscribe to ConnectedCare, a plan under LifeHub+ through their healthcare providers at $9.99 monthly. The first 300 LifeHub+ subscribers onboarded through partner GPs will receive a Fitbit device and access to ConnectedCare at no cost for the initial 12 months, allowing them to channel support from their care team digitally. More than 30 GPs have expressed interest through AH to better manage their patients’ health and lifestyle on this new service. Healthcare providers may visit to find out more information about LifeHub+, or join as a StarHub ConnectedCare partner at no cost. StarHub intends to scale this rollout with its partners from ConnectedLife with Fitbit and AH and more GPs

300 eligible patients from AH and GP clinics with preventable chronic health risks will be among the first to be onboarded to LifeHub+ and have their wellness activities and certain metrics monitored by AH health coaches and their GPs.

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