Case-Mate Phantom Mobile Phone Cover for iPhone

Review: Case-Mate Phantom Mobile Phone Case for iPhone

Case-Mate Phantom Mobile Phone Cover for iPhone
Case Mate Phantom Mobile Phone Cover for iPhone


11 September 2012, Singapore – The Case-Mate “Phantom” collection of mobile phone cases provide the extra protection that the extremely fragile smartphones of today with a tough and sleek style in a variety of colour choices.

This range of phone cases are military grade that conform to Mil-STD-810F with multiple layers.  Made of DuoFlex and PolyCore materials, the 2-piece case snaps on supporting the front and sides of the iPhone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a built-in screen protection screen.    The outer part of the casing has a soft finish with natural cushioning as well as an easy-to-hold grip.  Some may find the casing a little bulky but trust me, when you drop the phone, the casing protects the phone from scratches and cracks. The inner material is made of solid PolyCore material giving your smartphone the hard shell protection.  Personally, the casing gives my iPhone a better grip and fits snugly into my hands compared to the smartphone on its own.

Button at the bottom of the iPhone
Case-Mate Phantom Covers - Camera - iPhone
iPhone Camera
Back of the Case-Mate Phantom Mobile Phone case for iphone
Back of the Case Mate Phantom Mobile Phone Case for iPhone

The cover comes with the necessary protection for the headphone jack, buttons as well as charging area.  The volume button works well under the casing and the touch screen remains as sensitive as it is without any protective screen.


iPhone Case-Matic casing
iPhone Case Matic casing


Case-Mate Phantom iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 cases are available in Singapore at recommended retail price of S$75.

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