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SingTel Launches Priority Pass Mobile Broadband Service

SUPERADRIANME working on Laptop & answering call

13 June 2011, Singapore – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) launches premium priority mobile broadband service, Priority Pass.  You can enjoy faster and more reliable Internet connectivity on the move even when the network is heavily loaded so that you have smoother streaming and uninterrupted downloads.  According to the press release from SingTel, Priority Plus does not affect the broadband experience of users of other plans.

You can activate this service for free for SingTel’s 7.2Mbps and 21Mbps mobile broadband plans.

SingTel also shared the typical range of speeds that customers can expect 80% of the time. It has renamed its 3.6Mbps, 7.2Mbps and 21Mbps USB modem-based services as Classic 3.6, Priority 7.2 and Premium 21 respectively.

SingTel Typical Speeds of Mobile Broadband Service
SingTel Typical Speeds of Mobile Broadband Service

* The typical speed range was derived through an analysis of real user data over multiple 24-hour windows at various locations around Singapore including major 3G hotspots.

Do note that range of speeds and experience is dependent on factors such as your location from base stations, number of concurrent users in the area, mobile devices used and the response of websites you are accessing.  Slower speeds indoors may occur when mobile signals are blocked by walls and structures.

SingTel hopes that by disclosing the actual speeds of their services would help you make better informed choices.

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