Upgrade your television with Samsung Smart TV Trade-In

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Samsung launches Smart TV Trade-In initiative in Singapore
Samsung launches Smart TV Trade-In initiative in Singapore

Upgrade your old television to the latest Samsung Smart TVs with Samsung’s new Smart TV Trade-In Initiative.

You can trade in your existing TVs for a Samsung Smart TV by purchasing selected 55″ and above Samsung UHD TVs, receive the delivery of your new TV by Samsung’s trade in partner – Sg Bros Entrepreneurs Pte Ltd which will also take in your old television and receive your old TV trade-in value via bank transfer.

What Is Eligible For Trade In

Televisions in good or perfect condition or televisions with minor defects such as burn marks, image flickr, dead pixels and faulty backlight are eligible for trade in.

What Is Not Eligible for Trade In

Television with defects not falling under minor defects including but not limited to cracked screens and lines on screens as well as Plasma TVs, Projection TVs or CRT TVs are not eligible for trade in.

TV Trade-In Price Guide

Digital TVTV TypeScreen SizeTV in Good ConditionTV with Minor Defects 
Non-Digital TVLCD TV 32″ and below $25 $10 
42″ to 49″ $35$15
55″ and above $45$20
LED TV 32″ and below $35$15
42″ to 49″ $45$20
55″ and above $55 $25
Digital TV LED TV (Non UHD) 32″ and below$80 $25
39″ to 46″ $120$40
47″ to 50″ $180$50
55″ to 60″ $200$65
61″ to 65″ $250$75
70″ and above $350$100
LED TV (UHD) 39″ to 46″ $150$50
47″ to 50″ $250$75
55″ to 60″ $400$125
61″ to 65″ $500$175
70″ and above$650$275
QLED & OLED 49″ $450$200
55″ to 60″ $900$400
61″ to 65″ $1,400$600
70″ and above $1,900$800
Non-Digital TV + Digital TV Brand S (Non UHD + UHD) 32″ and below$30Not Applicable for Trade-In

The trade-in price guide is valid for purchase of selected 55” and above Samsung UHD TVs from 30 May 2019 to 30 June 2019, and valid for 30 days from purchase of the selected Samsung TV. Last date of trade-in is 30 July 2019. Trade-in price may vary from guide provided, depending on the condition of the trade-in TV. The trade-in price guide is indicative and is subject to changes without prior notice. Terms and conditions apply.  

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