AirAsia Asean Pass Launches Today

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Thai AirAsia Aircraft parked in Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand 8 October 2012



The AirAsia ASEAN Pass launches today, allowing you to travel with the ASEAN region. There are two passes available. The AirAsia Asean Pass is available in 10 credits for S$209 while the AirAsia Asean Pass+ has 20 credits for S$369.

These passes let you fly at fixed-rates on AirAsia Malaysia (AK), Thai AirAsia (FD), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ) and Philippines AirAsia (Z2) to over 148 routes across all 10 Asean countries, saving you the hassle of different foreign exchange rates.

AirAsia Asean Pass

AirAsia Asean Pass

Flights with a duration of less than two hours are valued at one credit and anything more than two hours are valued at three credits. There is no processing fee for flight redemption using the passes but airport charges or taxes and other fees will be payable separately.

The pass is valid for one year from date of purchase and redemptions must be at least 14 days prior to travel date. You have to complete your travel within 30 days from your first flight date for the AirAsia Asean Pass and 60 days for the AirAsia Asean Pass +. There are blackout periods and no repetition on routes booked. You can also earn BIG points at RM2 for 1 BIG point after you have flown the sectors.

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