You’ll Never Chicken Out with Burger King

BK Tendergrill Mushroom Swiss Burger

January 2011, Singapore – Burger King’s latest campaign in Singapore, “With the King You’ll Never Chicken Out” has hit the online space with 3 videos.   This is Burger King’s call to all to stand up for what is right and ‘Never Chicken Out’.    Burger King played on the double meaning of their new campaign tagline to communicate their brand promise of “Having it your way”.  One version shows the all-too-familiar Youtube video of the girlfriend hitting the boyfriend’s crotch in public with her heels which has already attracted more than 53,400 views.

Chicken vs Crotch Hitting Girlfriend

Chicken vs Ulu Pandan Bear

Chicken vs Taxi Snatcher

You could win a Microsoft XBOX 360 with Kinect Bundle and Burger King vouchers worth a total of more than S$500 by telling Burger King your “Never Chicken Out!” Moment.   Upload your photo, video or text to Burger King Singapore Facebook Fan Page and two stories – one chosen by the King, and the other with the highest consumer rating will get to win!

This is all part of Burger King’s ongoing commitment to bring the best tastes to consumers – and now offering 8 sumptuous chicken varieties to chicken-lovers.   Chicken-lovers will not run out of choices as they can get their chicken grilled or fried, juicy or crispy, spicy or mild, thigh or breast meat, from full meals to snacking treats.

Burger King leaves you spoilt for choice with 8 Chicken Varieties
Burger King leaves you spoilt for choice with 8 Chicken Varieties

Have a peek at the Chicken Menu so that you can decide what to have during your next visit at Burger King.

The Classic

BK Chicken - 100% premium chicken breast meat long patty fried to perfection, topped with shredded lettuce, creamy mayo and served on a long sesame seed bun.

The Grilled

Tendergrill Chicken - juicy, tender, flame-grilled 100% premium chicken thigh meat on a water split corn-dusted bun, topped with a slice of red tomato with creamy mayo and crisp lettuce.

Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken - flame-grilled 100% premium chicken thigh meat that is juicy and tender, topped with the all time favourite mushroom sauteed sauce, and melted Swiss cheese on a water split corn-dusted bun.

The Spicy

Spicy Tendercrisp Chicken - spicy and crispy 100% premium chicken thigh meat fried to perfection, with a bed of lettuce, a slice of red ripe tomato and creamy mayo split corn-dusted bun

Spicy BK Chick'n Crisp
Spicy BK Chick 'n Crisp - value-for-money treat of crispy chicken fillet with a peppery kick that is fried to perfection and topped with garden-fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayo, all sandwiched in a fresh sesame seed bun.

The Snacks

Mexican Drumlets - glazed and lightly Mexican spiced drumlets that make for a great snacking option anytime of the day.

Chicken Tenders - tasty and crispy bite-sized chicken tenders that are fried to perfection and make for a perfect afternoon snack or a side nibble to a meal.

The Healthy Treat

Grilled Chicken BK Salad - a fresh, healthy treat of juicy, succulent 100% flame-grilled premium chicken thigh meat in a bed of lettuce, continental cucumber, sliced onions and cherry tomatoes.


The New Black Pepper Basil Drumlets is perfect as a snack or an extra side to compliment your meal.  They are affordably priced at S$1.95 (2pcs) and S$3.90 (4pcs).

You can enjoy a free 2 piece Black Pepper Basil Drumlets (while stocks last) with purchase of any of the following Large Chicken Meals (which comes with large fries and drink).
Large Tendergrill Chicken Meal | Large Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Meal | Large Spicy Tendercrisp Chicken Meal | Large Spicy BK Chick’n Crisp Meal | Large BK Chicken Meal
Burger King Black Pepper Basil Drumlets promo

Do note that pricing varies at selected restaurants.

Mushroom Swiss Burgers have always been a personal favourite.  Finally, customers who do not take beef can now have the chicken option.

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