MediFund Funded S$159.1 million for Medical Bills in FY 2019


Singapore’s Medical Endowment Fund (MediFund) has provided S$159.1 million through over 1.2 million successful applications in assistance to needy Singaporeans for their medical bills in Financial Year 2019 (1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020). There was an increase of S$2.6 million year on year.

The endowment fund provides Singaporean patients who are not able to afford their medical bills, after government subsidies, insurance and MediSave. MediFund ensures that all Singaporeans will be accorded basic medical care even when they are not able to pay. MediFund Silver is for the elderly 65 years and older while MedFund Junior is for children. It was first introduced by the Government on 1 April 1993 with an initial capital contribution of S$200 million.

Assistance is application based and can only be accorded to subsidised bills. The quantum of assistance varies depending on the individual’s socio-economic circumstances, bill sizes and the outstanding amount remaining.

In 2019, the number of approved applications was 1,215,809. This is a 1.9% reduction from 2018. A total of S$122.8 million was provided to patients in public hospitals and institutions. In Intermediate and Long-term Care facilities, S$36.2 million was disbursed. On average, the amount of assistance provided was about S$900 per inpatient treatment. and about S$90 per outpatient treatment.

The Ministry of Health has released the Medical Endowment Scheme Annual Report 2019/2020.

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