Everything You Wanted To Know About Flying In a Book

Life In The Skies Book

If you are curious about about  flying, then the book Life in the Skies, Everything You Want to Know about Flying by retired Captain Lim Khoy Hing is a must read. A veteran ex pilot from Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia, Captain Lim is currently a trainer with Air Asia. In this book he shares many insights and stories from his flying.

Captain Lim shares insights into every aspect of air travel so you know the hidden mysteries of airplane safety and regulations. Find out how someone trains and becomes an international airline pilot. Captain Lim also shares his anecdotes, tales and jokes from his personal experiences in the air.

Make this book your personal guide for flying.

Published in October last year, Life in the Skies, Everything You Want to Know about Flying is available in Singapore at S$15.80 or in Malaysia at RM39. This book is also on sale onboard AirAsia flights.



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