A night of beer appreciation at Asia Pacific Breweries

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1 September 2010, Singapore – Thanks to the wonderful people at Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) for inviting the blogger community down for a tour of the brewery.  Getting to the brewery, which is situated at Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, was quite a challenge especially when we were trying to beat the rush hour traffic.

We passed this door at the Archipelago bar before reaching the Tavern at APB's premises

By the time we got there, it was already 715 pm when we were supposed to be there at 630pm.  Dennis, my trusted photo contributor for SUPERADRIANME.com,  snapped the photos which you see in this blog entry.   He was also entrusted the task of ensuring I do not go overboard with the drinking.

Anyway, we were treated to an educational session of how the beer is brewed, and were shown on a tour. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos in the brewery.

The bloggers mingling in the Tavern

I finally got to meet other bloggers, @CalvinTimo, @SidneyReuben @daphnemaia amongst others, whom I have been conversing on Twitter previously.  After the introductions, it was down to some thirst quenching. My first glass was a Guinness Draft, which I thoroughly enjoyed.   It was not as harsh as the traditional stout which some people say tastes like essence of chicken or dark sauce!  I would describe the texture of Guinness Stout as one that of a meal replacement beverage – Creamy and slightly thick!

I enjoyed my Guinness Draft!

We then proceeded for our tour around the premises.  Some parts of the brewery will be closed for renovations till slightly before Chinese New Year next year.

Part of the Brewery Tour

Check out the Tiger Beer paraphernalia of which some were available for sale in the brewery. Seems to be a trend for beer brands to produce lots of keepsakes.

The facade of the Brewery

Group photo

The brewery tour was hot as the machinery used were very hot.  When I initially stepped into the brewery plant, I thought I smelt bird feed or a hamster’s habitat.  You get the drift?  They definitely taste better.  After the tour, we were fed back at the Tavern –  Probably one of the larger comfy taverns that is not over flowing with people.  I had a small tasting portion of ABC Stout and felt that it tasted much smoother than Guinness Stout.

All in all, I had a really enjoyable time.  Wasn’t intoxicated and I still managed to drop Calvin home and Sidney at AMK Mrt Station before heading home myself.

Well the full set of photos are in the album below.  Enjoy!

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