Shell Make The Future Festival Comes To Singapore in 2017

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Shell Eco Marathon 2017 (Shell Photo)

Nanyang Technological University’s Nanyang Venture IX, Shell’s Shell Eco-marathon UrbanConcept car and Institute of Technical Education’s EcoTraveller against the Singapore skyline (Shell Photo)

Shell has planned out a series of activities for Singapore in 2017 bringing in Make The Future festival here for the first time. The festival will be held at the Changi Exhibition Centre for four days from 16 to 19 March 2017. The event is free-of-charge and will feature bright energy ideas and innovations that address the global energy challenge.

You will be able to get insights of how to generate more energy while producing less carbon dioxide.  You can experience through virtual reality and hands-on experiential zones and contribute your own ideas and join the journey to an energy-efficient, low-carbon future.



Shell launches the inaugural Make The Future Singapore festival of ideas and innovation for Asia which will happen next year from 16 to 19 March 2017 at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

The festival will feature bright energy ideas and innovations that address the global energy challenge which is how to generate more energy while producing less CO2.

Cars of the future will also compete at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia which is part of Make The Future Singapore.

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Shell Eco-marathon Asia in Singapore

The Shell Eco-marathon Asia first came to Asia eight years ago and will move to Singapore next year after successful runs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2010 to 2013 and Manila from 2014 to 2016. The Eco-marathon is a competition amongst tertiary students from the region. They can build one of two types of cars – Prototype or UrbanConcept.

Prototype cars are futuristic and highly aerodynamic vehicles. UrbanConcept cars are highly economical and innovative vehicles that resemble today’s cars. Students can pick from seven energy sources including gasoline, diesel, ethanol (biofuel), GTL (Gas To Liquid) fuel made from natural gas, CNG (compressed natural gas), hydrogen fuel cell or battery electric power.

These cars have to pass a detailed technical inspection before they are allowed onto the track to see how far they can go on the least amount of fuel. Awards will be given to the most energy efficient vehicles within the two categories.

Over 230 teams from 20 countries have registered for the 120 available places in next year’s Shell Eco-marathon Asia. Registration has closed the week before. This is also the first time a team from New Zealand has registered.

The winning teams will also get US$3,000 prize money for their school.

Inaugural Regional Drivers’ Championship

As part of the Shell Eco-marathon, the Regional Drivers’ Championship will be introduced. The race format will see the best Asian teams vie for their place in the Drivers’ World Championship in London next year. They will compete in a head-to-head race to see who is the most energy-efficient driver.


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