Kimi Raikkonen & Ferrari & Shell, a long lasting partnership

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Kimi & Ferrari & Shell, a long lasting partnership

Kimi & Ferrari & Shell, a long lasting partnership (JF Susibel Photo)

The oil company didn’t wait for the F1 championship to begin in 1950. Shell insists that they were already supporting Enzo Ferrari as early as 1929!

But this week in a large dedicated hall of Suntec Convention center, Shell and Formula 1 champion Kimi Raikkonen were not just promoting the well known V-Power fuel and Helix Ultra lubricant alone.

The company is also very much involved in clean energy and innovation. Shell launched the “Eco-marathon” challenge: build your own car, and show us how many miles you can run without a refill.

Kimi Raikkonen in Singapore

Kimi Raikkonen in Singapore (JF Susibel Photo)

Three teams from Singapore were participating, two from Nanyang Technological University and one from Institute of Technical Education, all in the electric car category.

Enters Kimi Raikkonen, driving what looks like a toy car! The Finn doesn’t look too amused by the exercise and at this moment, truly deserves his nickname of “the Ice Man” (but don’t they call iceman anyone coming from those Nordic countries?)

The 2007 Formula 1 champion doesn’t seem particularly impressed by the three models designed by the students. In fact, he looks like he is not awake at all. “When did you arrive?” asked the emcee. It turns out that the Finn had landed in Singapore just coupla hours ago. And would have rather had a nap first.

Iceman eventually cracks a modest smile (Finland style) when all the student candidates offer to work for Ferrari! After a group photo, time for a snooze Kimi. Good luck for this weekend Mr Iceman.

Article and Photos by JF Susbielle, an avid Formula 1 Fan.

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