CITIGEMS Chinese New Year 2012 Dragon Collection

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Citigems Chinese New Year 2012 Collection

Citigems Chinese New Year 2012 Collection

4 December 2012, Singapore – CITIGEMS presents the Dragon of Fortune and the Dragon of Bliss in their Chinese New Year 2012 Collection.  Pay tribute to the lunar new year with the iconic Chinese dragon with new-age desires of jewellery, which ensures the best and most valued blessings to loved ones.

Dragon of Fortune

This artistically entwined white gold regal dragon fashioned with a luminous red garnet accentuates blessings of wealth and prosperity to loved ones.

Dragon of Bliss

The centre of the white gold dragon lies a drop of brilliant diamond, bringing dazzling and ever-binding celestial charm to the piece.


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  2. I love this .. Can I buy I online

    From Sally

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