A Kentucky Odyssey at VUE with Maker's Mark Cocktails

5 Maker’s Mark Cocktails at VUE till End October

Enjoy Maker’s Mark cocktails at VUE with a view of Singapore’s skyline until the end of October 2021. And if you drink before 7.30 pm, it’s happy hour. That means you pay only S$20 instead of S$26 for each cocktail. A Kentucky Odyssey at VUE is the latest cocktail promotion. There are five cocktails created with Maker’s Mark Bourbon Gin.

These handcrafted cocktails are made with Maker’s 46. Maker’s 46 is crafterd by affixing ten seared French Oak staves into a barrel of fully matured Maker’s Mark Whisky. It is then aged under conditions at below 10 degrees Celsius. This results in a bolder and more complex whisky with intense flavours and deep, rich notes of vanilla and caramel.

Enjoy a refreshing 46 Mule that is made with Maker’s 46, Fever Tree Ginger Beer and Fresh Lime wedges.

Probably the prettiest cocktail of the five is the Berries Melody. You get fruit rouge, lemon juice, lillet blanc, cherry syrup, Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade with Maker’s 46 all in a balloon mixer glass.

Tropical Peach Forest is served in a purple Tiki glass with Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, peach liquer and puree, lemongrass syrup and yuzu juice with soda. Fancy a cocktail that is finished with deep berry bramble aroma and smoky notes? Then get the Burnt Forest, a recipe of Maker’s 46, homemade honey lemon, lemon juice, fresh ginger peel and Kilchoman Bramble. My favourite of the five is the Rooftop Old Fashioned with cynar artichoke.

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