Cure 9th Anniversary Special Menu

Celebrate 9 Years of Cure with a Special ‘Past & Present’ Course Menu by Nine Chefs – Limited Time Offer Until 31 July 2024

Chef-owner Andrew Walsh has been showcasing Irish cuisine at Cure Restaurant for nine years. To celebrate this milestone, a limited-time anniversary menu has been curated until 31 July 2024, featuring three current and six former Cure chefs, both past and present, who have contributed to Cure’s success.

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A three-, five-, and nine-course menu priced from S$188 to S$238 offers guests a fulfilling experience in one sitting. The reunion will see former chefs, including Chef Stefan Liau of Hevel, Chef Ryan Newman of Le Bon Funk, Chef Kevin Wong of Seroja, Chef Maksym Chukanov of QĪN, Chef Melvin Chou of Terra, and Chef Lewis Barker of Sommer join Cure’s Chef-Owner Andrew Walsh, Chef Gary Wong and Chef Aiken Low.

While the six former chefs won’t be present at Cure when you dine, you’ll have the chance to try the specialty menu that begins with CURE’s Soda, Stout & Treacle Bread. Chef Stefan Liau of Heven’s appetiser opens up your appetite with a Fermented Cashew Cream, Kelp & Banana Tart that marries the best of nutty cashew cream, umami fermented kelp and fruity flavours of banana into mouthfuls of harmony.

Chef Ryan Newman from Le Bon Funk marries his two signatures from his time at Cure with a Salmon Beetroot & Kampot Pepper.

The Abalone, Mushroom Broth & Sticky Rice by Chef Kevin Wong from Seroja is one of our favourites from the menu. The premium abalone bursts with juiciness in a rich mushroom stock reduced from wild mushrooms and served with sticky rice.

Chef Maksym Chukanov from QĪN presents his Danish Langoustine with Tom Yum & Calamansi, a signature well-loved by many. This dish is also available from the pre-fixe menu at QĪN. A whole langoustine, from head to shells, is used in the dish. The meat is cooked over binchotan charcoal, and the heads are used in the making of the tom yum soup, which renders a soup sweeter than it is tart.

Irish Gallagher Oyster, Cider Granita and Caviar by Chef Andrew Walsh of Cure
Irish Gallagher Oyster Cider Granita and Caviar by Chef Andrew Walsh of Cure

From Cure’s own kitchen, Chef Andrew Walsh presents his Irish Gallagher Oyster with Cider Granita & Caviar. Chopped Oyster Tartare is brightened with horseradish cream and fragranced with chopped shallot and celery for crunch, and freshened up with cider granita and briny caviar for added flavour and pops.

Chef Andrew Walsh’s signature dish is the Aged Silver Duck, Fermented Summer Berries and Spiced Seven Tails Brandy Broth. A whole breast of duck is aged and apn-roasted then finishe don the grill for added smokiness with smoked cauliflower puree, fermeted berries and oxtails. Foie gras brûlée and madeira port wine reduction with caramelised plums and cinnamon sugar is served on the side. A warm duck consommé is made by cooking duck bones, celery, carrots and onions for eight hours and reduced down, undergoing clarification before infusing with thyme, rosemary and orange peel. Spiced 7 tails brandy is added before serving.

A pre-dessert of Kyoho Grape, Fruit Tomato and Shiso by Terra’s Chef Melvin Chou is an Italian Summer in Japan. After the pre-dessert, Sommer’s Chef Lewis Barker presents his recreation of the salted caramel and chocolate with Valrhona Chocolate, Roasted Hay & White Miso.

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