Reduce Heatiness with Cool Rhino

February 2011, Singapore – According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts, the body reacts when the yin and yang (hot/cold) balance is disturbed.  “Heatiness” therefore may cause pimple breakouts, discomfort in the throat, pungent breath or lack of appetite.   “Heatiness” stems from multiple factors such as the food we consume (Durian, spicy or fried food), insufficient water intake, our lifestyle choices (smoking and alcohol) and lack of sleep.  Emotions could also push your body heat up and upset your well being when you are angry, anxious or nervous.

Most of us in Singapore experience the love for spicy and fried food and also lead a hectic and highly stressful life, resulting in lack of sleep.

Cooling Water pioneer Wen Ken Group recently launched their latest product, Cool Rhino.  Using WenKen’s advanced water processing technology, Cool Rhino was produced to address the young active Singaporeans, who are often on the “heaty” side of life.  The bottled water actually looks quite cool compared to some of the other brands.   The distinctive, tastefully plastic bottle actually resembles glass and it’s design was awarded the Malaysian Good Design Awards in 2007.

What’s inside Cool Rhino?

Cool Rhino contains de-ionized water and natural functional minerals such as Gypsum Fibrosum (Calcium Sulphate) and Calcitum, which is “cooling in nature”. Being a healthy beverage,  there is no sugar, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colouring.  It is also not carbonated and can be consumed by itself, chilled into ice-cubes, exposed long under the sun, or mixed with your favourite drinks.  Do not be fulled by the name Cool Rhino.  No Rhino parts are used for the drink. So you do not have to worry about Rhinos being poached for the drink.

How does Cool Rhino Work?

It increases membrane and capillary permeability.  This in turn increases the flow of body fluids into the body tissues, expelling body heat more efficiently to relieve the “heaty” symptoms such as restlessness, loss of concentration etc.  Besides that, it replenish bodily fluids thus relieving symptoms of heatiness like restlessness, red eyes and profuse sweating.

How do you know you are heaty?

Here are the symptoms of physical body heatiness:

  • Heat stroke
  • Constipation
  • Pimples and Acne
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort Throat
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Feverish or excess heat
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Bad breath
  • Tiredness

There are also emotional symptoms of “Heatiness”:

  • Irritable
  • Hot Tempered
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Insomnia

Key Benefits

There are many benefits to this cooling beverage:

  • Relieves heat stroke
  • Relieves constipation
  • Aid in healing and prevention of pimples and acnes, caused by body heatiness
  • Help eliminate mouth ulcers
  • Help relief headache
  • Relieves burning sensation
  • Douse body heat from pungent/fried/spicy food
  • Reduce the effect of hangover

Recommended Intake

Adults are recommended to consume four bottles (350ml) while Children aged 3 to 12 years of age are recommended to consume four bottles (175ml) per day.

Complement the Chinese New Year feasting

While you indulge in spicy local delights during the reunion dinner or fill up with loads of bak kwa and delectable desserts such as pineapple tarts and kueh bankits, or the overnight card or majong sessions, make sure you stock up with Cool Rhino to douse the heat.

Cool Rhino is available at major supermarkets such as NTUC and Carrefour as well as leading convenience stores islandwide (7 Eleven & Cheers).  A 350ml bottle retail for S$1.60.


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