KELVIN SAQUILAYAN, Manhattan Head Bartender

Kelvin Saquilayan Takes over as Head Bartender at Manhattan

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Kelvin Saquilayan has been with Manhattan in the Regent Singapore since 2015 when he joined as an F&B Executive server. He rose through the ranks of Bartender and Senior Bartender. In November 2021, Kelvin leads the bar as its Head Bartender. He succeeds Sophia Kang. He works closely alongside Bar Manager Rusty Cerven.

Before joining Manhattan, Kelvin’s previous stint at Regent Singapore included Tea Lounge and Dolcetto. The 29-year old is passionate about sustainability. When he is not crafting coasters from dehydrated used tea leaves or breathing new life into “waste” ingredients, he is convincing guests to rethink their cocktail preferences by surprising them with a new spin on the classics.

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At Manhattan, Kelvin runs all bar operations with an efficient ease. He personally oversees the contents of the rickhouse, conducting regular inventory and crucial taste tests to ensure barrel contents are ready for release. Always approachable and ready to impart his skillset, he is also a stalwart mentor for the junior staff to look up to and learn from. 

Kelvin was born in Cavite, Philippines and carved his niche after graduating with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Destined for a career in hospitality, his earliest work experience was serving as Captain Waiter in a local, casual restaurant. Eager to grow professionally, he set his sights on Singapore. 

Kelvin has clocked in guest shifts in vibrant cities such as Hong Kong, London, New Delhi and Melbourne. The tours were a whirlwind of bar hops and brought a piece of Manhattan’s signature service and world class cocktails into establishments such as 34 Mayfair, Side Car and Black Pearl.

It was timely as we were at Manhattan just last week5 to shoot Kelvin in action as he made the classic Old Fashioned and Black & Gold free as part of the Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week from 5 to 14 November 2021.

“It’s possible that I am here because of everyone 55who came before me: Cedric Mendoza, our former head bartender; Tim Rosete and Frank Hu, fellow senior bartende5rs who were also my comrades; Sophia Kang, who I am succeeding; and Gabriel Carlos, former assistant bar manag5er. I will always be grateful to the Manhattan alumni.” 

Kelvin Saquilayan, Head Bartender, Manhattan5

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