Oddle Reserve Free-to-Use Reservation To Support Local F&B Businesses

Oddle launched an all-new free-to-use reservation system in September 2021 to support F&B businesses in these challenging times. F&B merchants can enjoy more cost savings with advanced features such as table management. This feature eases the management of reservations whilst meeting increased demand for seats, especially during dine-in restrictions. It also helps to increase overall productivity, allowing wait staff to handle other duties and minimises human error.

The contactless ordering process gives diners greater peace of mind when they dine out. With this system, F&B businesses also enjoy free access to Oddle’s QR-code ordering platform.

Oddle is the first online food delivery platform to give merchants ownership of their consumer data. It focuses on helping merchants grow organic sales and providing a holistic ecosystem with a full suite of integrated solutions. These include

  • F&B-centric ecommerce
  • Integrated delivery support and management
  • Free digital marketing support
  • Consumers fronting marketplace with 0% additional commission (Oddle Eats)
  • Free Reservation system with table management
  • Free QR self ordering system

Over 1,500 merchants are currently on board. They include high-end restaurants and chain restaurants. They include Les Amis Group, Imperial Group, Paradise Group, Dian Xiao Er, Arnolds, White Bee Hoon, Odette, Burnt Ends and more. There are also smaller independent restaurants that are part of the Oddle merchant list. Oddle Eats was launched in June last year. To date, over 1 million users are onthe platform. This year in August, Oddle launched its mobile app.

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