Resorts World Sentosa Bai Jiu Shakeup

Shake Things Up with Exquisite Bai Jiu Cocktails at Resorts World Sentosa till end March

Resorts World Sentosa invites guests to enjoy cocktails featuring China’s renowned spirit, Bai Jiu, until March 31, 2024. These Baijiu Shakeup cocktails are a collaborative creation with Bar Sanyou; the spirits-focused brainchild of Hope & Sesame, the sole bar from mainland China listed in the 2023 editions of both World’s Best Bars (ranked #74) and Asia’s Best Bars (ranked #39).

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Baijiu features a distinct fiery taste and complex aroma with hundreds of varieties ranging from common varieties found in the homes of Chinese families to more premium distillation worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Five cocktails are on the menu till end March 2024. The Moutai Milk Punch is Bar SanYou’s original, reminiscent of a black forest cake and one of their most popular cocktails. Contains Moutai, rose-infused vermouth, cherry and chocolate, Served with a note printed on edible paper.

Pandan Symphony
Pandan Symphony

Pandan Symphony is an aromatic cocktail inspired by local. served with pandan teacake spritzed with a Bai jiu infusion. Contains Fenjiu, rum infused with lotus leaf and pandan cake, citrus, apple and chrysanta flower. Other Bai jiu cocktails include the Plum Coco Whispers, Drunken Dragon, Baijiu Breakfast and RW Sling.

Resorts World Sentosa - Table 65

Michelin-starred restaurant table65 and CHIFA! offers a special Bai Jiu cocktail menu alongside its Chinese New Year-inspired food menu from 13 to 19 February 2024. Enjoy a five-course Chinese New Year set menu with three selected Bai Jiu cocktails at table65 or CHIFA! from S$357.30 and S$237.40 respectively.

table65 Baijiu tasting
table65 Baijiu tasting

Unfortunately, the Bai Jiu Masterclass with Heaven Zhang on 16 February 2024 at 5 pm is sold out. Guests will get to taste 10 varieties of Bai Jiu and enjoy a 5-course set Menu with three cocktail pairings at table65.

Check out the other Chinese New Year festivities at Resorts World Sentosa here.

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