Singaporeans Tops on Dining Spend in Asia Pacific – MasterCard Survey

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Dim Sum at Lin-Fa Cantonese Restaurant, The Sukosol Bangkok, Thailand

Singapore leads in terms of spend on dining according to a MasterCard survey of consumer dining habits across the Asia/Pacific region.  Singaporeans spend an average monthly bill of US$262 while the Japanese and Chinese consumers follow closely behind at US$225 and US$203 respectively.

The survey interestingly showed that Chinese, Malaysian and Thai consumers were more likely to post reviews onto social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter compared to Singapore consumers.  Consumers in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan are most reliant on online reviews when deciding on where to eat.

The payment brand also shared that consumers still go online to check for credit card promotions particularly in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

  Country Average monthly dining spend (USD)
2012 2011
1 Singapore 262 212
2 Japan 225 213
3 China 203 135
4 Hong Kong 196 195
5 South Korea 160 119
6 Malaysia 157 120
7 Australia 155 136
8 Taiwan 155 165
9 Thailand 129 149
10 New Zealand 116 103


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