Wildfire Chicken & Burgers launches GG French Poulet Chicken Burger

Wildfire Chicken and Burgers has relaunched during Circuit Breaker in June and recently on 2 November it released the much-awaited Signature Chicken Burger.

This addition is priced at S$11 and uses only ‘GG French Poulet’ boneless chicken thigh that has been marinated and slow cooked in Wildfire’s secret blend of Korean gochujang, Japanese rice vinegar and toasted Chinese sesame oil and other ingredients. It is flashed finished in the 450°C INKA charcoal giving out a smoky charred exterior. Kimchi mayo, pickled onions, toasted sesame, shredded cabbage is added and sandwiched by Wildfire’s signature toasted brioche bun.

Toh Thye San Farm breeds their signature ‘GG French Poulet’, a breed of chicken from Sabres, France, that is grown naturally and fed a 100% vegetarian and organic diet. This means the chickens are growth hormone free.

Don’t forget the addictive crunchy shoestring fries or some nuggets to go along with the burger. An absolutely combination.

Order online at https://wildfire.oddle.me/en_SG.

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