Lewis Hamilton - Lenovo Meet & Greet Singapore Grand Prix 2010

Lewis Hamilton – Up Close and Personal

24 September 2010, Singapore – Still feeling a little stunned from last night’s Arthur Guinness Day and Avalon parties, I made my way to Conrad Hotel on Lenovo’s invite to have tea with Lewis Hamilton, one of the Formula One’s many legends. Amongst the guests were the 20 winners who won the Class 95 Lenovo’s contest, business partners, media, bloggers and other guests.

Lenovo’s involvement in the Formula One is the official supplier of personal computers for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.

Guests were invited to compete against each other on the Xbox racing game. Refreshments were served, keeping everyone in anticipation for the arrival of Lewis Hamilton!  Armed with my Canon Ixus 300HS review set and my own Canon 500D, here are some of the photos for your closeup viewing pleasure.




Lewis Hamilton - Lenovo Meet & Greet Singapore Grand Prix 2010

You may also want to check the official video of Hamilton’s take of the Singapore race.




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