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M1 Offers Unlimited In Flight Data Roaming for S$25 A Day

Emirates' A380 Onboard lounge for First & Business Class
Emirates’ A380 Onboard lounge for First & Business Class

M1 has launched unlimited in flight data roaming for only S$25 a day with 18 airlines so you can stay connected and share photos, stream videos and check email during your flight.

Roaming subscription customers can enjoy unlimited data roaming at S$25 per day per network basis based on Singapore Time (GMT +8) on the 18 airlines including Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways – as long as you are logged onto M1’s preferred inflight network OnAir. You don’t have to worry about unintended usage and charges on non preferred networks with M1’s Network Lock feature.

Cabin crew welcoming guests onboard Etihad Airways new B787-9 Dreamliner

The full list of 18 airlines you can use this service on are:

M1’s in-flight roaming charges for roaming subscription customers are S$0.20 per 10kb capped at S$25 per day. For Pay-Per-Use customers, the tariffs are S$0.24 per 10kb capped at S$30 per day.


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