Facts & Figures: Singaporeans Turn Vacations into Workcations

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1 March 2012, Singapore – Singaporeans have a workaholic culture that is commonly observed even during personal holidays. In a survey conducted during Expedia’s 2011 Vacation Deprivation Survey of 7,800 employed people across 20 countries from Asia, Australia, North America, Europe and South America.

Here’re some of the figures:

  • Singaporeans work an average of 44 hours each week (I can definitely attest to this)
  • Average 14 vacation days each year
  • 38% of survey respondents. Were not sure if their bosses are supportive of them taking time off
  • 13% of respondents were under the impression that taking a vacation would trigger negative sentiments in the workplace
  • 10% indicated “work is life” for them
  • 42% have cancelled or postponed holiday plans due to work commitments
  • Lack of planning is the biggest contributing factor to why Singaporeans fail to utilise the annual leave. Over 30% respondents have admitted to this.
  • Money to Singaporeans is not an issue for travelling. 40% describe their financial situation as being solid or good and only 13% claim to have foregone their vacations due to limited funds.
  • 40% reported that they are unable to plan their vacation in advance because it depends on their work schedule.

Asia is the world’s most vacation-deprived region with Korea, Japan and Singapore receiving the fewest vacation days annually.

On average, Japanese cleared less than half of the 11 annual vacation days.

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