Lufthansa new full flat business class seats (thumbnail)

Lufthansa New Full-Flat Business Class Seats

LUFTHANSA New Business Class Seats

5 July 2012, Singapore – German airline Lufthansa will be launching on its long haul flights progressively till early 2013 the new flat-out cozy Business Class seats.   The aircraft flying the Asian routes are not fitted out with the new Business Class seats at the moment.

Measuring 1.98 metres long when fully extended, the seats are paired together but turned away from each other in a special V-formation giving you virtually double the distance away from your neighbours at shoulder-level.

The space between the window seat and the one in front lets you get in and out even if your neighbour’s seat is fully extended.

After a research conducted by Lufthansa, it has ensured that all its business class seats face the direction of travel whether you are seated or lying down.  You can also expect ergonomically improved cushioning, adjustable armrests that give the shoulder area more room when lying down and a fixed ottoman that can be used either as a foot rest or to prolong the bed.    The inner wall of the seat’s central console comes with five-centimetre deep indentations while the cabin contour on the main deck gives sufficient headroom.    There are multiple seat settings and multimedia programmes on the 15-inch personal screens.


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