Royal Caribbean Offers 1,400 Opportunities for world-class musicians and entertainers over the next year

Royal Caribbean International operates 26 ships with nearly 800 music sets and 142 production shows performed each night. It is opening its doors to more entertainers to join its 3,000-plus cast members and production staff. The cruise line is hiring over 1,400 musicians, entertainers and production teams across its entire fleet over the next year. This includes the cruise line’s newest ship Icon of the Seas which sets sail in 2023.

105,000 people watch Royal Caribbean’s entertainment every night in 50 theatres that span air, ice, water and stage. There is a wide range of opportunities for artists and behind-the-scenes teams to bring to life entertainment experiences across original and West End productions, music performances, ice skating shows, high diving and acrobatic feats, and much more.

A research conducted in partnership with Censuswide surveyed 3,000 emerging musicians and 4,500 music-loving consumers in UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Norway. The survey revealed that 40% of emerging musicians say the biggest challenge preventing them from kickstarting their career is getting booked for live events. 80% of Europe’s emerging musicians said that live performances are what they are most excited about in 2022. 70% noted that performing for live audiences is the most rewarding part of their work. Over 35% said travelling and seeing new destinations is what they are most excited to do in 2022.

Research from Help Musicians uncovered challenges for touring in Europe and the huge impact on musicians: 57% of musicians have said that they are unsure they will be able to achieve sufficient income to meet their overheads. As many as 75% advised that they worry about their financial situation at least daily. A quarter of musicians considering leaving the profession altogether. 

“Music and entertainment are essential to making Royal Caribbean holidays memorable,” said Nick Weir, Senior Vice President, Entertainment, Royal Caribbean International. “We keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in entertainment in front of 105,000 guests each night, and the choice of career opportunities available to entertainment professionals is in the thousands. To continue raising the bar, we are expanding our incredibly talented roster of world-class vocalists, Olympic athletes, Broadway and West End stars, and acclaimed producers and directors, to name a few. We are also committing more resources than ever before to music and entertainment for 2023.” 

One-third of consumers said that live music was what they were most excited about in 2022. 85% of people associate their best holiday memories with a music track and 67% said that music and entertainment is important when choosing their next holiday.

At Royal Caribbean, some 25,000 performers from across the world audition for Royal Caribbean every year, with many training at its 132,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art entertainment studio facility in Miami. 

Musicians, entertainers and behind-the-scenes talent can apply for brand-new and life-changing opportunities here

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