Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Singapore Reveals Season 1 Contestants

2 July 2012, Singapore – The final 14 finalists were revealed for the inaugural Sunsilk Academy Fantasia, a reality tv singing competition format originating from Mexico.  It all started with more than 500 contestants over a two day open audition held at Square 2 in May, a private casting and one close-door audition to pickout the potentials.

These 14 are made up of seven guys and seven girls aged between 18 to 30 from a rather diverse background.   Look out for the former FHM model and beauty pageant participant, the British Foreign bank Vice President who speaks Chinese, and a Malaysian who is a dead-ringer for local singer JJ Lin.


Nickname Age Nationality Occupation Description
Vee 22 Singaporean Student Youtube Talent and a family oriented girl who believes her determination and strong family bonds will help her progress far in the competition.  Losing weight will be her most challenging part during the competition as she is a foodie.
Hui Xian 19 Singaporean Student This petite, soft spoken and relatively shy teenager is currently studying and working simultaneously.
Natalie 21 Singaporean Former Pre-School Teacher Natalie enjoys dancing and has won her parents’ trust and support to let her pursue her superstar dreams.   She finds it challenging to be captured on camera 18 hours a day.
Fiona 24 Singaporean Client Services Executive A former FHM model, beauty pageant participant and runway model, Fiona wants to concentrate on her passion for singing.  A sporty Barbie, Fiona enjoys running marathons and doing extreme sports.  She is considering becoming a Veterinarian because of her immense love for nature and wildlife.   Her main goal is to succeed in Singing and TV Hosting
Zhi Lin 22 Singaporean Freelancer Celyn is a Korean fanatic, freelance performer and shares her songs on Youtube.  A believer of documenting special events and precious moments, Celyn journals them as well as shoots videos.
Chloe 27 Singaporean Marketing Communications Executive This mature, soft-spoken and quiet independent thinker is the sole breadwinner of the family.  A responsible and family oriented daughter, she feels uneasy about being filmed on camera the entire day.
Jessie 21 Singaporen Student A ‘girl-next-door’, Jessie hates flying insects but enjoys the thrills of a good horror film.  This cute, sweet and bubbly girl has had prior performing experience.  This small sized girl is no timid girl.



Nickname Age Nationality Occupation Description
Jun Yang 20 Malaysian Student A popular figure in Malaysia with a fan base of over ten thousand, Jun Yang is determined to expand his boundaries and make it big. This self-proclaimed prankster is determined to make a name for himself in the music industry, remembering the promise he made to his late father.  Jun Yang also has an uncanny resemblance to Singaporean singer JJ Lin.
Zhang Chi 18 Hang Zhou, China Student A straight-forward, charming and self-proclaimed lazy student, Zhang Chi, has been living in Singapore for a few weeks to enrol in a local music school but was sidetracked by this competition.  He considers singing to be his greatest accomplishment in life and detests people with a materialistic obsession.  He dreams of his own posters plastered everywhere which is his ultimate dream of making it big.
Kenneth 25 Singaporean Real Estate Agent A self-proclaimed tame character, Kenneth comes from a financially well-to-do family who can drop all commitments for his passion for music.  He does not lose his temper unless provoked or annoyed for more than three hours.  Kenneth can reach the high octaves without using falsetto.
Phil 30 British Foreign Bank Vice President This Englishman is no ordinary Caucasian man.  In fact this “Asian trapped in a Western’s body” will put many asians to shame.  He has a great understanding and passion for Asian culture.  His biggest music idols include Korean band 2PM and Taiwan singer David Tao.   Phil’s hobbies include singing and cooking.
Irwin 25 Singaporean Student Irwin not only sings, but also composes songs.   Irwin’s best friend is his keyboard.  A filial and understanding son, Irwin promises to work hard to provide for his family.
Guang Li 21 Chinese (Singapore PR) Student Guang Li has been living in Singapore since 11.  He had to earn his keep, selling fish and is a filial boy who loves his mother fondly.  Guang Li is multi talented.  He sings, dances, beat-box, plays the guitar as well as mimics.  He impersonates his idols such as Jay Chou and Fei Yu Qing.
ET 24 Singaporean Full-time performer and part-time tutor This affectionate and loving boy aspires to become Singapore’s next singing sensation just like JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun.   ET is a part time artiste at the Music and Drama Company.  He also paid for his university education entirel through his own pocket.


Sunsilk Academy Fantasia will be broadcasted across multiple platforms on TV, internet and mobile with non-stop 18 hours surveillance on the finalists.   The finalists will undergo intensive training from reputable experts in singing and dancing, professional grooming and make their debut performances as finalists at the first weekly concert on 14 July 2012.  These concerts, hosted by Joe Tsai  (Cai Rongzu), will be held every Saturday at Dragonfly Bar at St. James Power Station.

Third-year students from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Business Management are also given the opportunity to produce two-minute long mini episodes of behind-the-scenes and concert rehearsal footages that will be shared on Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s Facebook page and YouTube.



This mobile app lets you view biographies of the finalists, photo and media galleries with exclusive photos and videos taken during events and activities.  There is also a karaoke function that lets you sing along to lyrics on a minus one track, record it and conveniently share your song on Facebook.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia premieres on 8 July 2012 on Academy Fantasia Channel (StarHub TV Channel 110) and at and StarHub TV on Mobile.   E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) will screen daily and weekly recaps.  The weekly concerts will be aired on E City, Academy Fantasia Channel, StarHub TV on Mobile and online.

Follow the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Boys and Girls on Twitter for Updates

AFSG01 Vee :           @Vee_AFSG
AFSG02 Hui Xian : @HuiXian_AFSG
AFSG03 Natalie :     @Natalie_AFSG
AFSG04 Fiona :        @Fiona_AFSG
AFSG05 ZhiLin :      @ZhiLin_AFSG
AFSG06 Chloe :        @Chloe_AFSG
AFSG07 Jessie :        @Jessie_AFSG

AFSG08 Jun Yang : @JunYang_AFSG
AFSG09 ZhangChi : @ZhangChi_AFSG
AFSG10 Kenneth :   @Kenneth_AFSG
AFSG11 Phil :            @Phil_AFSG
AFSG12 Irwin :         @Irwin_AFSG
AFSG13 GuangLi :    @GuangLi_AFSG

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia : @AcademySG
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