TGI Seafood – Shen Tan’s Nasi Ulam 2.0 and Durian Tempoyak Mussels are to die for

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Chef Shen Tan’s second instalment of Thank-Goodness-It’s (TGI) series has been extended to 15 November 2020. The first of the series which was TGI-Nasi Lemak ended on 30 August and the seafood series kicked off 1 September 2020.

TGI-Seafood is available for islandwide delivery Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm or 5 pm to 8 pm. Delivery is S$8 and if your order is above S$88, then the delivery fee is waived.

Enjoy Chef Shen Tan’s creative and innovative Mod-Sin dishes with a Gastrogig-twist. With the Gastro-motto of Eat Local, Reap What We Sow and Green is the New Black, the herbs and vegetables are harvested from Gastrogig’s 350sqm garden. And the seafood is regionally and locally sourced, some of which are from Ah Hua Kelong.

We were sent a meal for the family to taste. I loved it so much I ordered dinner for a friend and her mum who just returned to Singapore having lived in Canada. And we also got good feedback for the dishes.

The Carbs

The Nasi Ulam 2.0 is a favourite. I absolutely loved it. More importantly, it has gotten mum’s approval. And even my friend tells me it is the best she’s had.

The pesto is made with 25 different herbs, of which six were grown specially for this dish since they are not available elsewhere. Some of the most favourite herbs include Ulam Raja (King’s Salad), Daun Kaduk (Wild Pepper Leaf), Chinese Violet, Sand Ginger Leaf and Pennywort.

Gastrogig has bottled their Nasi Ulam pesto so that you can purchase one and add to piping hot rice when you have the craving.

Shen cooks the broth for over four hours with roasting clams, whole prawns, crabs, scallops, carrots, celery, onions, pork trotters and pork ribs in lard. No wonder it tastes amazing.

The oyster sourdough pasta noodles is a made with discard of sourdough, infused with puree of fresh Japanese Oysters. Jumbo prawns and slices of The OG 22-Spice Pork Confit tops the velvety oyster-infused pasta.


<em><span class=has inline color has cyan bluish gray color><sup>Laksa Quail<sup><span><em>

I don’t get to eat quail much. I was surprised at how tender these little birds from Lian Wah Hang local farm were. In a good way, of course.

They have been marinated with a laksa rempah that includes dried shrimps, belachan, candlenut and turmeric and grilled upon order. Whilst the Laksa Quail tasted a bit more like rendang instead of laksa, it worked for me either way.


<em><span class=has inline color has cyan bluish gray color><sup>Durian Tempoyak Mussels<sup><span><em>

The Durian Tempoyak Mussels really stood out for me. Durian has been fermented for over 2 days and cooked with mussels from Ah Hua Kelong giving this dish a savoury, sweet and sour flavour. And the durian is not overpowering which makes it perfect for non-durian fans too.

Since it was my favourite main, I ordered this for my friend and she called it a home run, delicate aroma and taste of laksa, not overwhelmingly so. She would definitely have voted this the best dish, if all the mussels were opened.

<em><span class=has inline color has cyan bluish gray color><sup>Salted Egg Cured Barramundi<sup><span><em>

And for the Salted Egg Cured Barramundi, the fresh barramundi comes from Ah Hua Kelong. It is sizzled in the pan after being cured in whole salted egg with evaporated milk, curry leaves and butter for two days. Fans of salted egg would love this.


A variety of desserts are available on the menu. We tried the Kaya Kalamansi Bread and Butter Pudding with Fish Floss. Didn’t expect fish floss to go well in a dessert. Definitely a sweet ending to a hearty meal.

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