Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Kinki

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February 2011, Singapore – This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you bring your special someone to an urban Japanese restaurant at Customs House – Kinki which focuses on modern Japanese cuisine.  Enjoy the edgy graffiti-inspired art and mural by Miami Ink Famed Chris Garver.

Kinki’s Chef Wing Lam has created a Valentine’s Day modern Japanese menu featuring aphrodisiacs from both Asian and Western cultures. This special menu consists of six courses at $128++ per person and is available only on 12 and 14 February 2011!

Indulge in an intimate pre-dinner drink of Kinki’s signature sake, umeshu and vodka-based cocktails at the roof top while enjoying a romantic waterfront view of Marina Bay Sands.

The magic continues at the main dining room as the DJ spins in the background to set the mood while the meal starts with Foie Gras with Black Truffle & Crispy Unagi. Truffle has been considered by the Romans and Greeks to stimulate and sensitize the skin to touch while unagi is believed to be able to simulate the effects of Viagra. Foie gras may not be an aphrodisiac per se but its creaminess and potent richness will surely heighten one’s pleasure, at least gastronomically.
The next course, Blue Fin Tuna & Kajiki Carpaccio, Asparagus & Gobo Salad, Wasabi Dressing, features selenium-rich tuna which aids sperm production; asparagus which is considered by the English and French to be sexual stimulants; wasabi which the Japanese believe to stimulate the circulatory system.

The Assorted Seasonal Sushi Platter & Maki of Grilled Giant Sea Prawn then serves up fresh, seasonal seafood which is a good source of essential fatty acids and zinc- ingredients important for a healthy sex life.
Ginger Spiced Sweet Corn Soup & Zuwaigani features ginger and spices that perk up the senses, and delicate zuwaigani (snow crab) flesh.

The main course is a choice between Vanilla Scented Hokkaido Milk Poached Cod or Yukari Honey Roasted Rack of Lamb. Vanilla is dangerously said to stimulate lust while honey is believed to promote sex drive.

To round up the meal on a sweet and sensuous note, Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Fondue shared between two completes the Kinki Valentine’s Day experience. No better dessert than dark chocolate some say! Containing phenylethylamine, dark chocolate is said to help induce feelings of excitement, attraction and euphoria.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu – 12 and 14 February 2011

foie gras with black truffle & crispy unagi

blue fin tuna & kajiki carpaccio, asparagus & gobo salad, wasabi dressing

assorted seasonal sushi platter & maki of grilled giant sea prawn

ginger spiced sweet corn soup & zuwaigani

vanilla scented hokkaido milk poached cod


yukari honey roasted rack of lamb

dark chocolate marshmallow fondue

$128++ per person

address 70 Collyer Quay, #02-02 Customs House
telephone (65) 6533 3471
email [email protected]
website www.kinki.com.sg


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