Jacelyn Tay and Baby Zavier

Actress Jacelyn Tay Speaks of Motherhood and Son Zavier

Jacelyn Tay and Baby Zavier
Jacelyn Tay and Baby Zavier

7 May 2012, Singapore –  SUPERADRIANME.com dedicates the month of May to all mothers.  13 May 2012, we celebrate Mothers’ Day here in Singapore.  It is a day to remind us how special our mothers are.

In a series of interviews with mothers or their children, we speak with actress and entrepreneur Jacelyn Tay to find our from her the joys of motherhood and what Mothers’ Day means to her.

Since this is your first year as a mummy, could you share with us the joys of being a mother.

Jacelyn: I forget that this Mother’s day is for me too. I was talking to my mum what gift she prefers when my mum reminded me that I should celebrate Mother’s Day too!

It feels special when I look at my baby & imagine that when he could talk & understand things, & say “Happy Mother’s Day” to me. A mother’s love is unconditional, and this agape love gives much joy to me. Simple things like feeding Zavier, changing his diaper, seeing him smile gives me much joy.

How do you think you would celebrate Mother’s Day… as a mother yourself as well as with your own mother/mother-in-law?

Jacelyn: I used to think buying them big gifts will make them happy. But now I know all mothers are the same. The best gift is to spend quality time with them.

What are the qualities of a good mother and which of these qualities do you display more prominently to Zavier?

Jacelyn: Calm, gentle & caring, fun-loving & happy. I laugh a lot with Zavier and that makes him laugh. I even laugh at him when he falls down. Now he doesn’t cry when he knocks his head, because he thinks it is not something he should be anxious about.

Could you share with us how you juggle between motherhood, acting and Body Inc?

Jacelyn: I prioritize the jobs and only do the things that are productive.   I also plan & plan and won’t waste time wondering what’s going to happen next.


Any words of inspiration for mothers?

Jacelyn: Enjoy it! It is our privilege as a woman. Being able to give life & mother a child is a blessing. Have fun!

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