Kickstart Chinese New Year Celebrations at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) rings in the Year of the Rabbit with an exciting line-up of programmes to kickstart the Chinese New Year celebrations with the Chinese New Year 兔gether art installation exhibition.

Visit Festive Fever, SCCC’s one-stop information portal which contains all the know-how to help Singaporeans navigate the intricate Chinese New Year practices. Learn about the Chinese New Year greetings to say for maximum huats, or learn how to toss Yu Sheng like a boss.

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Red Packets

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Year of the Rabbits Red Packets
<em><sup><kbd>Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Year of the Rabbits Red Packets SCCCC photo<kbd><sup><em>

Check out SCCCC’s red packet designs this year. This year’s red packets are designed by local artists Fiona Koh and Warren Khong. They showcase how Chinese New Year is celebrated in Singapore from tossing yu sheng to giving red packets or exchanging mandarin oranges.

Each set includes two blank packets with stickers to allow you to create your own personalised red
packet. Members of the public may obtain a set of these limited-edition red packets by heading down to the reception at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Level 1 from now till 5 February 2023 (the last day of Chinese New Year), while stocks last.

兔gether art installation exhibition

兔gether local artists Fiona Koh and Warren Khong
<kbd><sup>兔gether local artists Fiona Koh and Warren Khong SCCC photo<sup><kbd>

From now till 31 March 2023, visit the 兔gether art installation exhibition at the SCCC Roof Garden that highlights Chinese New Year practices in Singapore. The mixed media artwork presents characters from Chinese New Year mythology Tu Zai (Rabbit), Ong Lai (Pineapple), and Nian Mei (monster ‘Nian’) who celebrate friendship and family during the festive season.

On selected Saturday nights (14, 28 January & 25 February & 25 March 2023) from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, a light and sound show will be held with a narration of the story of Tu Zai’s journey home to celebrate Chinese New Year with his family and friends. Admission to both exhibition and light shows are free.

<sup><kbd>Wallpapers with WhatsApp and Telegram Sticker Pack CNY Tugether SCCC illustration<kbd><sup>

Have some fun with 兔gether sticker pack and wallpapers for WhatsApp and Telegram. There are 12 adorable stickers of various designs.

Musical Interpretation of Chinese Singaporean Culture by Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng

SCCC aims to highlight the distinctiveness of our local Chinese culture and welcomes views from the public on what they find to be special about the Chinese culture in Singapore. To usher in the new year, SCCC has invited two renowned local artists, Annette Lee and Benjamin Kheng, to share their interpretations of Chinese Singaporean culture through music. In this new composition, Annette and Benjamin gave their unique take through an upbeat song about their shared experiences of our local Chinese culture.

Watch SCCC’s local Chinese Culture videos on Singapore Airlines

<kbd><sup>Kaki Says Winter Solstice Festival Video SCCC illustration<sup><kbd>

From now till March 2023, travellers flying Singapore Airlines can watch SCCC’s videos on local Chinese culture onboard. SIA’s KrisWorld inflight entertainment system will offer three videos. Singaporeans try their hand at making traditional snacks such as Bak Chang (rice dumplings) and Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) in Keeping Traditions Alive. Youths experience various aspects of our local Chinese culture such as learning and speaking simple Hakka terms in Try Leh, Singaporeans. Kaki shares interesting and fun facts on festivals celebrated in Singapore such as Duanwu Festival in Kaki Says.

Enjoy a Loveletters or Prosperity Sling Cocktail for a Limited Time at SCCC

Two Chinese New Year cocktails have been specially concocted by casual gastro-pub Cherki which specialises in Peranakan food and creative cocktails at SCCC. Loveletters cocktail incorporates ingredients such as lychee and rose which symbolises romance while the Prosperity Sling is inspired by the red packet and combines pineapple, pomelo and mandarin. Enjoy a 10% discount off ala-carte items by producing the SCCC 兔gether red packet.

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