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Top 5 Reasons Changi Airport Is the Best in the World

Most travellers view airports as nothing more than one of the many stops they need to go through before they reach their destination. While this may be true in most cases, Changi Airport in Singapore is a destination in itself. 

A showcase of what a world-class aviation hub experience is like, the airport has bagged more than 642 awards, including eight World’s Best Airport distinctions from the World Airport Awards, nine Best International Airport in the World titles from Travel + Leisure US World’s Best Award Survey, and three #1 Airport In The World recognitions by Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award. 

But what makes Changi Airport so well-loved by travellers, customers, and even the airport’s employees? Here are some aspects of the Changi Airport experience that simply stand out to anyone who’s ever used the airport or had a layover in Singapore.

Exceptional Terminal Operations

There are plenty of activities that regular consumers can take part in while visiting Changi Airport, but let’s focus first on its function as a world-class aviation hub. Travellers who are leaving, arriving, or changing planes through the airport can expect modern conveniences and smooth transactions during their short stay. The airport has a sensible architecture and there are signs that clearly point first-time visitors in the direction of their destination. 

The employees of the airport provide first-class services as well, ensuring that every element in the runways, taxiways, and the tarmac are operating in a safe and timely manner, and that accidents and incidents are attended to as soon as possible. 

Anyone who’s arriving in Singapore for their holidays can start relaxing as soon as they get to Changi Airport because they can expect a hassle-free experience from that point on.

Exemplary Retail and Dining Experiences

If you’re wondering what to do in Changi Airport as a consumer, then there are plenty. Aside from serving as an aviation hub, the airport also hosts a wide range of Changi Airport shops and restaurants  that will delight anyone who wants to shop for essentials and luxury goods, treat themselves to a range of sumptuous  of flavours, or simply relax in an expansive space that brings together the best of outdoor views and indoor comforts. 

At the heart of this retail experience is Jewel Changi Airport, a nature-inspired lifestyle hub that’s connected to Terminals 1, 2, and 3. It hosts boutique shops, restaurants, and an array of services and attractions that draw in consumers and retailers alike.

 And if you’re a traveller who wants to go shopping during your short layover in Changi, you can also make use of the airport’s dedicated ecommerce platform and simply pick up your purchase once you arrive.

Top-Notch Safety and Security Systems

Changi Airport operates like a well-oiled machine, but it also prides itself on its high safety and security standards. The airport is prepared to respond to accidents and emergencies within and around its premises in under 3 minutes, and its emergency teams can put out fires within a minute of arriving at the scene. The aviation hub’s Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) also includes responding to aircraft crashes in the waters surrounding the airport, which can be done through the use of the facility’s emergency vessels and equipment. These specialised teams hold regular exercises so they’re prepared to attend to incidents using the latest and most effective rescue and safety strategies.

At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, Changi Airport has also made significant strides in ensuring the safety of its customers and employees. A lot of precautionary measures were put into place to prevent the spread of the disease without compromising the airport’s operations. Employees were also retrained to protect their jobs, and plans were put into place to aid the recovery of the airport’s partners. It’s no wonder, then, that the airport was able to quickly rebuild passenger confidence in recent months.  

Outstanding Engineering 

Much like the rest of Singapore, Changi Airport is master-planned for the future. The airport continues to pave the way for technologies that will make air travel much safer, more convenient, and more economical for airlines and their passengers. 

Changi has an industry-leading Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection system that detects foreign objects from its runways, and its complex baggage handling system ensures that travellers are reunited with their luggage without any issue. At the same time, the airport makes use of an automatic people mover (APM) that connects its terminals. A quick ride in one of the Skytrains will bring you much closer to your designated terminal with hardly any effort. 

A Commitment to Sustainability

While the airport is quick to adopt engineering and aviation breakthroughs, it also remains committed to sustainability and coexisting with nature. There’s an Energy and Emissions Management team that keeps track of the facility’s emissions and employs strategies to minimise the impact of the airport’s operation on the environment. 

Moreover, the operator behind the airport makes an effort to invest in employees and upgrade their skills and capabilities. Meeting the needs of its people and the environment is a goal that is central to ensuring the sustained growth of the airport and the exceptional experiences it provides individual consumers and its partner companies.

It takes a lot of concerted human effort, excellent master planning, and continued technical and scientific developments to provide Changi Airport’s users with modern conveniences, exceptional services, and smooth travelling experiences. The numerous accolades that it has earned over the years is proof that travellers and all other stakeholders appreciate the depths that the airport management is willing to go through to set the standard for airport facilities around the world.

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